Accountability System for Workplace Safety is a system which base on China’s safety policy “Safety first, intensifying prevention and control” and production safety regulation which responsible by different levels of officers, functional departments, engineering technicians, operators during the operation processes. Accountability System for Workplace safety is a part of the accountability system of an enterprise. It is also the most basic of a safety system and core of enterprise production and labor safety system which ensures the continuous development of an enterprise.

Safety activities

1. Implement Accountability System for Workplace Safety. Establish and optimize various workplace safety regulation and technical protocols

2. Establish workplace safety management institution. Sign the letter of commitment for safety responsibility and implement reward and punishment system

3. Organize safety production meeting

4. Organize safety risk control and evaluation

5. Implement safety monitoring for special equipments and operations

6. Ensure various capital investments on safety

7. Organize safety education and emergency training

8. Carry out occupational health and safety management activities and personal protection equipment at workplace. Facilitate the implementation of ISO45001 Management systems of occupational health and safety  

9. Check and eliminate potential risk of safety

10. Organize emergency plan and response to investigation and correction action of safety issue

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