Frontline InPlan Planning Software
CAMOrbotech InCAM Pro v3.0SP4
Photo PlottersPR212-NT EIE photo plotter
Orbotech LP-9 R5 photo plotter
Inner Layer
l/L Wet Film CoaterGRC-7N Automatic Wet Film Coater
6RC-7N Automatic Wet Film Coater
l/L ExposureVarious manual and semi-auto exposure
DESUniversal DES( Develop-Etch-Strip) Lines
AOIOrbotech Discovery, Camtek
Alternative OxideUniversal Alternative Oxide Line
Lamination PressBurkle, OEM, Heng-da Vacumm Presses
DrillingMechanical Drill
Hitachi, Schmoll, HanHitachi,Mitsubishi
Laser DrillHitachi LC-2G212E/2C Laser Drill
Outer Layer
Plasma Clean
ReBorn RPP-V13
PTHAutomatic Desmear and Electroless Copper
O/L Exposure5KW Manual Exposure
Orbetech Paragon SM20 Laser Direct Imaging photeck
Copper PlatingAutomatic Panel Plating Line
Automatic Pattern Plating Line
MCP-PAL Vertical Continuous Plating Line
Copper Via Fill Plating Tank
SESUniversal SES( Strip-Etch-Tin Strip) Line
Solder Mask and SilkscreenSolder Mask Coater
Horizontal Semi Automatic Coater
Argus 9524S Solder Mask Spray Coater
ExposureVarious SM Exposure ORC DI,orbotech diamond8
Legend PrinterOrbotech Sprint 100
FabricationRoutCNC Routers
V-ScoreCNC V-score
PunchHydraulic Punch
Surface Finish
Lead Free HASLLead Free HASL
Immersion SilverMacDermid(Planar), Sub-contract
Immersion Tin LineAtotech(Stannatech)
OSPShikoku(Glicoat-SMD F2)
Hard GoldFull body gold, gold fingers and selective gold
soft Gold FlashFull body and selevtive bondable soft gold
Test and QC
E-TesterFxiture Systems
Flying Probe
Flying Probe Test
Reliability Testing
X-section and Microscopes, Impendence Test, High-Pot,
Tg Test, Peel Strength, lonic Testing, IR Reflow, Thermal Chamber etc chrommotography
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