Sunshine Global Circuits Co., Ltd. Passes Customs AEO Senior Authentication Audit Successfully


On November 5, 2021, Customs awarded 《AEO Senior Authentication Certificate》to Sunshine Global Circuits Co., Ltd. On behalf of our company, Mr. Ryan, vice president of HR, accepted 《AEO  Certification》and gifted Shenzhen Customs General Customs and Tongle Customs banners to express our thanks to Customs for their support.

“AEO" means Authorized Economic Operator, which is initiated by the World Customs Organization to achieve the trade security and convenience of global supply chain by establishing partnership between Customs and business circles. AEO qualification is considered as “Green Pass” of global trade and “VIP” of Customs. AEO senior authentication is the highest grade of Customs credit management. With this “Green Pass”, enterprises can not only enjoy credit union incentive measures of more than 40 departments, such as Minimum Inspection Rate, Exempt from Guarantee, Priority Clearance and General Administration of Customs, but also enjoy Customs clearance facilitation measures in 20 economies, 46 countries and districts that have realized AEO mutual recognition with China. Because Customs AEO senior authentication is the highest credit grade of global trade enterprises recognized by all countries’ Customs, it is a complex system process with high standard and difficulty. According to Shenzhen Customs, there are only 303 enterprises achieved AEO senior authentication by the end of 2020, accounting for only 0.20% of total number of enterprises in Shenzhen.

The pass of Customs AEO senior authentication is the high-quality outcome of close cooperation and mutual construction between Sunshine and Shenzhen Customs. It is highly meaningful for Sunshine to pass Customs AEO senior authentication, which not only improves Customs clearance efficiency of foreign trade and reduce Customs clearance cost, but also improves Sunshine's import and export management system and strengthens the supply chain security management. This also lays a solid foundation for Sunshine's sustainable, effective and healthy development and further strengthening the overseas market.




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