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Zhuhai Sunshine Successfully Launched the Groundbreaking Ceremony


         On April 18th, 2022, Zhuhai Sunshine Circuits Technology Co., Ltd (Zhuhai Sunshine) solemnly launched the groundbreaking ceremony in Zhuhai Fushan industrial park, with top management team present, including Martin Dou, VP of Sales & Marketing Department, Poetry Hu, VP of Department of Technology and Operation, John Zhang, VP of Department of Strategic Operation, and Ryan Zhao, VP of Department of Human Resource and Administration. Martin Dou said at the speech that the successful launch of Zhuhai Sunshine base would greatly help release the capacity stress, strengthen the competitiveness of Sunshine in high-end products, and push the whole industry to run into next generation. With the artificial intelligence applied in production, Sunshine’s development in the next ten years will get full thrust to embrace new prosperity.

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         With an investment of 1.2 billion RMB, Zhuhai Sunshine base would  intend to build a headquarter for manufacturing in South China, mainly engaged in R&D and production of multilayer PCB, rigid-flex PCB, etc. If Zhuhai Sunshine base successfully launches production, the annual production volume will reach three million square meters. The construction of Zhuhai base will help Sunshine optimize resource allocation, speed up the industrial layout, and improve the R&D, production and sales system and thus further strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of Sunshine.



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