Sunshine is committed to technology development.

Our CTO David Aldape has over 25 years of industry experience, and leads a dedicated team of R&D engineers.

Development projects for 2016-2017:

Increase Plating Aspect Ratio to 30:1 or higher

Backplane capability;large format and very thick boards

Reduce controlled impedance to lerance of ±5% or less

Introduction of advanced plating and photo lithography methods

Advanced tooling systems for improving L2L registration

Continual addition of new materials for HDI, High Speed/Low Loss,thinnerstructures and sub‐assemblies applications (for example: ZETA®,I‐Tera®,I‐Speed®,Tachyon G100®, Megtron 7, and EMC 828&888K)

Deep Microvias (L1‐L3, Aspect Ratio 1:1 or greater)

Thermal Management Solutions: Metal Core, Conductive Paste (Ormet and Tatsuta)

Embedded Component PCBs.

  • Deep Micro Via Technology

    Provide additional routing density、Improved Impedance Performance、 RF Micro Via Solutions、Solid Copper Plated Surface for BGAs、 Improved Current Carrying Capacity

  • Metal Core PCBs

    Thermal Management 、Improved Heat Distribution 、 Increased Thermal Conductivity、Copper core CTE 17ppm/C 、 Thermal Conductivity 385 WmK

  • Buried Resistor

    Buried internal resistors 、Aerospace, Telecommunications、Micro Wave and Medical 、Flexable circuit heaters

  • Every Layers Inner Connect Vias

    All layer via maximizes design freedom、 Solid Copper provides better reliability、 Superior Electrical characteristics

  • Embedded Component PCBs

    Buried resistors and printed internal resistors 、Buried capacitors and dielectric insulators 、 Planar convertors and transformers 、 Embedded semiconductors and thin dies、 Flex-rigid embedded components

  • Eliminate height restrictions

    Recessed Chips for Gold Wire Bonding 、 Connectors with limited thickness

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