Sunshine is committed to technology development

Our CTO David Aldape has over 30 years of industry experience,and leads a dedicated team of R&D engineers.

Development projects for 2016-2017:

Increase Plating Aspect Ratio to 30:1 or higher

Backplane capability;large format and very thick boards

Reduce controlled impedance to lerance of ±5% or less

Introduction of advanced plating and photo lithography methods

Advanced tooling systems for improving L2L registration

Continual addition of new materials for HDI, High Speed/Low Loss,thinnerstructures and sub‐assemblies applications (for example: ZETA®,I‐Tera®,I‐Speed®,Tachyon G100®, Megtron 7, and EMC 828&888K)

Deep Microvias (L1‐L3, Aspect Ratio 1:1 or greater)

Thermal Management Solutions: Metal Core, Conductive Paste (Ormet and Tatsuta)

Embedded Component PCBs.

Technology Roadmap
inch [mm]Standard
Key AttributesLayer CountUp to 32LUp to 40L40L to 48L>50+L
Min/Max Thickness012” [.30]/.200" [5.0].008" [.20]/.256" [6.5].006” [.15]/.315" [8.0]TBD/≥.394" [10.0]
Largest Panel24x28[610x712]24x30 [610 x 760]24x32 [610 x 812]undetermined
Minimum Line and Space (Copper Wts*)Inners.003" [.076] H.0025" [.064] H<.002" [.05] H<.002" [.05] H
Outers.004" [.10] 1.003" [.076] 1<.0025" [.064] 1<.0025" [.064] 1
Tolerance±.0005" [.013]±.0003" [.008]±.00025" [.006]±.0002" [.005]
Drilled Vias SizeDrill Size.008" [.20].006" [.15].005" [.13].004" [.10]
Pad Diameter+.008" [.20]+.008" [.20]+.006" [.15].004" [.10]
Aspect Ratio25:130:140:1>40:1
Base copper weights: 1=1oz H=1/2 OZ, T=3/8 OZ, Q=1/4 OZ
Via StructuresMicrovias2+N+23+N+34+N+4,ELICUNiFYi MVs
Buried SubsYesYesYesYes
Stacked MicroviaStacked/StaggeredOffset/StaggeredOffset/StaggeredOffset/Staggered
MicroviasMin Via Size.004" [.10].003" [.076].002" [.05].002" [.05]
Pad Diameter+.006" [.15]+.004" [.10]+.003" [.76]+.003" [.076]
Aspect Ratio0.8:10.8:11:11.2:1
Conductive & Non-Conductive Via FillMin Hole Size.008" [.20].006" [.15].005" [.13]<.005" [.13]
Aspect Ratio25:130:140:140:1
SoldermaskRegistration±.002" [.05]±.0015" [.038]±.001" [.025]Tangency
Min Opening.004" [.10].003" [.076].002" [.05]SMDP
Dam Min Width.003" [.08].002" [.05].0015" [.038]Eng Eval
Surface FinishesENIG, OSPENEPIGThick Gold Multiple Finishesundetermined
Im Sn, Im AgWire Bondable Gold
LF HASLMultiple Finishes
Hard Gold Body
Material OptionsRogers 3000/4000Ultra Low Loss Dk/DfBuried Wire
Buried Components
Halogen Free FR4 EMC 828, EMC 888KI-Tera® I-Speed® EMC 891KTachyon 100G® MetroWave
Buried CapacitancePolyimid, Megtron 6NMegtron 7N, EMC 890K
408 HR Nelco-13sHybrid PCBsThermal Management PCBs
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